Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WHEW what a week!

It seems like the past two weeks have been nothing but fast forward.  I mentioned last week we graduated our first from high school.   I feel like we have been on the go since then.  This past Saturday we had her graduation party.  It was a very nice day.  I have come to realize something...I am not the party planner type.  I like more of the quiet fellowship with a family or two.  Oh don't get me was SO worth it seeing the joy on my daughter's face.

We had the party at a local park.  Once we started looking into renting a tent to put up here we quickly realized it was not possible.  I had no idea those things were so expensive. 

People started to arrive right on time.  We ordered the food from a local grocery store.  Meat and cheese trays, 2 sheet pizzas and wings, various bags of chips and of course soda.  My mom provided 2 large vegetable and fruit trays.  Those were a huge hit. 

We were also blessed to have a lot of family around us.  Katrina had many aunts and uncles around her as well as great aunts and uncles.  She also had a great-grandfather and her 2 great-grandmothers attend as well. 

Here are our three children with most of their cousins.  My paternal grandparents are on the left hand side.  My maternal grandmother is in the red coat. 

This is a picture of me with all my siblings and grandparents.  We live close to each other but sadly do not get together very often.

So then right after the party was in full spring Andrew decided he wanted to take a field trip to the ED.  He and his friends were wrestling or doing what boys do best and fell.  Resulting in a nice cut on Andrew's hand.  I am very thankful for my friend Wendy!  She went with me to the hospital.  Thankfully they didn't do stitches, they "super glued it".  Because of where it was located on his hand they used this method.

So after about 2 hours we returned to a dwindling party.  Our family never does anything quietly or "normal".  Haha!

Katrina had such a great day!  We are still not sure what her plans are next.  She is all over the place with what she wants to do.  But that's OK!  I'd rather her take time to pray about the next step than to jump into something she wants not what God has planned.

So if having a grad party wasn't enough for us, we went to a local amusement park with our homeschool group on Monday.

Our silly crew ready to take on the park!!  This park is right on Lake Ontario.  It was so cloudy you cannot see it behind them in the distance.

Here we go!!  This park is such a perfect size.  There is enough there to keep the kids entertained.  But not so big you do not get a chance to see the whole thing in one day.  There are water slides, rides and a spray park.

Andrew getting buckled in for the ride.  He loved this one.  He was able to move the front part back and forth to make it go higher.  The rest of this post will be just pictures.  Enjoy!!


This ride was the ONLY ride I went on.  Hannah wanted to go again but did not want to go alone.  So I went.  It spins really fast forward then again in reverse.  I think I'm still dizzy!!

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