Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chats on the Porch!

Everyday Ruralty
Here are the weekly questions asked.  Feel free to join in over at Everyday Ruralty

How many times a week do you have a green or veggie salad? As often as I can.  Especially this time of the year.  We have our garden well underway!

Do you pray? Yes!  I pray often throughout the day. 

What season is your birthday? Summer, July actually.  I have always enjoyed having my birthday in the summer.  Probably because I didn't know any different.  Haha As a kid we were almost always on our vacation.  We would go camping with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.  It is one of my favorite memories as a child.

Now I look forward to my birthday because my husband and I have a birthday exactly a week apart.  I know

Do you have dinner guests often, every now and then or not at all? Wendell says he can be there for dinner as quick as a wink! When we first moved into our home we had people over at least once a month.  For whatever reason we stopped having people over.  Sadly we all let our busy lives keep us from getting together for fellowship.  I really would like to have people over again.

Could you describe yourself as a DIY- Do It Yourselfer? For the most part yes.  My husband and I can learn how to do something and then do it.  Within reason of course, we won't be messing with plumbing or electrical systems anytime soon!


Suzanne McClendon said...

I liked having a summer birthday, too, and then they wrecked it by starting school before my birthday rather than the first week of September. Oh well. :)

I hope that all goes well with your garden! We have too many trees in our current yard to have a garden. I miss having one very much.

Have a great week!

Breathing In Grace said...

I'm finding that most of us do pray. Prayer is such a privilege...to get to take anything and everything to HIM!!! HOPE the rest of your week is great!

Becky G said...

As a child, I always wished I had a summer birthday. Mine is in November, then there's Christmas the very next month, and I have to wait TEN more months to get any presents!

Debi said...

I wish I had a green thumb that would grow enough vegetables to have salad every night, but alas, I cannot. So I hit the Farmer's Market every week!

Clairity said...

Wish I had a green thumb. My garden is pretty much bare.

Leslie said...

Garden is growing, tomatoes soon!

Patrice said...

Camping on your birthday would make for fun memories. I like DIY too.