Thursday, April 9, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday...on Thursday!

This week has been completely crazy. I completely forgot about my weekly weigh in! Thank you Happy Mama for reminding me! LOL! On Monday night my Great Grandmother (my Dad's Grandmother) passed away. She was 98, she would of been 99 on May 1. We are saddened by her death for many reasons but one, we are unsure of her salvation. Today after my Husband gets out of work it is off to a doctor's appointment for me then drive an hour or so for her funeral. Anyway here is how my week went.

Food: I did very well with what I ate this week. We are adding more fruits and veggies to our diet. My Husband even bought asparagus!! I love it but he has never tried it. Anyone who knows him knows he is not a big fan of least not yet!

Water: I've drank a lot of water this week. The BP medicine my doctor put me on is also a diuretic and I have to drink water or I'll get dehydrated.

Exercise: I've been able to get out and walk. I'm so excited about this because last year at this time I couldn't walk out to our driveway with out being in agony. I've been able to walk about 4 miles!!

Challenges: Getting outside as much as I wanted. Believe it or not we had 3 inches of snow here the other day! I'm not a fan of cold weather so I stayed inside. I do not have any work out videos to use inside.

Successes: Getting into a routine. The kids and I go out and walk every morning before school. It's a great time for us.

Plans for the next week: I'm going to start keeping a food journal. I want to see everything that I consume, including my water.

Weigh-in: I'm down 3 more pounds. Bringing my total since December to 40 pounds! I'm still in shock over how much I lost after my surgery. I feel so much better eating healthy....go figure...isn't that how God intended us to eat?!

I have not seen this posted on the Happy to be Home blog since March 18. But if you participate leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing. It really encourages me!!

***EDIT*** I will be hosting this starting this Wednesday April 15, as long as I can figure out all the technical things. Like mr. linky, making a button ect. Anyone with experience in this please let me know. Thank you!

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