Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Happenings

I have really come to love Saturdays.  Most of the time we spend the day together as a family.  Today was a little different.  But in a very good way.

I woke up this morning with a pep in my step for the first time in over a month!  It felt so good.  Perhaps it was the birds singing outside my window.   I'm sure the reason is because spring is finally here!!

Looking outside we are finally starting to see green!  The spring flowers are in full bloom.  They are adding such beautiful color all around our home.  We actually had to mow the lawn for the first time since fall.  Although my sinuses are acting up today, I'm counting it all joy!! 

 The ladies of our church got together today for a sewing day.  This is what I was talking about how today was a little different.  I love all the ladies in our church.  We are a small church, but so close to one another.  I love them all like a sister.  We learned today how to do embroidery.  This is something I have wanted to learn for so long.  We each have our own sampler to complete.  The girls had such a great time.  Hannah loves sewing and crafting.  Katrina is not too fond of it, but she went along anyway. 

Here is Hannah with her cross stitches.  She is excited about finishing this up.  We were given the hoop, sampler and needle to take home with us.  Along with a stitch guide on the various stitches.  I can see why Laura Ingalls Wilder started at a very young age.  It takes some time to learn these.  Samplers are a wonderful way to learn. 

Of course we had delicious food!!  Our pastor's wife is such a blessing to have around.  She is so giving and loves to cook and bake.  She made a wonderful veggie lasagna and a stuffed French toast casserole.  Her mom made some delicious quiche.  We also had fruit salad, coffee cakes and cookies.  Hey we must keep up our energy.  Sewing takes a lot out of a person!

The food table was beautifully set up.  Set up with many girly colors.  It's so nice to just be surrounded by beautiful godly women and "girly" things for a whole day.

So today will defiantly go down as one of my favorite ones in a long time.  I look forward to many more of these in the future.  How was your Saturday spent?

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Sandra said...

Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me :)

I'm spending mine sewing actually, almost done with the next quilt top :)