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Progeny Press {TOS Review}

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Progeny Press was started in 1992 when Michael and Rebecca Gilleland could not find any Christian worldview literature studies for their children.  Over the past 20 years Progeny Press has now published over 100 study guides.  The ultimate goal of these study guides is to teach children how to think for themselves while having fun doing so.  Best of all, these studies always point your children back to Scripture.  What more could you ask in a study?? 

So as a member of TOS Homeschool Review Crew we were able to use one of these studies.  The one we were able to review was The Golden Goblet.  This study was created with middle school children in mind.  Middle school grades are usually grades 5-8.  It is available from the Progeny Press website for $16.99.  The book, The Golden Goblet written by Eloise Jarvis McGraw, that goes with it is also available for purchase for $6.99.  We were able to find this book through our library system so if our small library has it I'm sure any of them will. 

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   We used this study with our oldest daughter.  Literature is something she loves, but we tend to get stuck in a rut of reading the same old things.   So let me briefly give you a description of what the book is about.  But not too much!  I want you to go get this book and have your child read it.
Ranofer is a 12 year old boy who dreams of following in his father's footsteps becoming a goldsmith.  When he suddenly becomes an orphan everything changes.  He is forced to live with his not-so-nice brother.  Gebu, his brother, beats him and really mistreats him.  So when he "stumbles" upon something in his brother's room he realizes something isn't right.  Then Ranofer discovers his brother might be a tomb robber.
I told you I wasn't going to give you very much information! (smile)  My daughter was pleasantly surprised at how much she liked this book.  At first I got the whole eye roll thing because it was about ancient Egypt and a boy!  Once she got into it she went right through it.  The study gave her thought provoking questions, puzzles and things to search in scripture.
When we first got the study via download I printed it all off and placed into a binder.  She could work on it at her own will.  The word puzzles were a great way for her to recall the things that were mentioned in the book.  At the beginning of the lesson were vocabulary words.  I had her write them out in the binder with definitions.  For my daughter this really helps her recall what she reads. 
This study has given her an independent approach to her education.  Something she has struggled with.  She feels like she owns this part of her learning.  I loved to see this breakthrough with her.  
 At the end of the lesson are discussion/review questions.  It is suggested that your student read through the whole book first then go back through along with the lessons.   This did not really work well for my daughter who struggles with reading comprehension.  But like anything do what works best for your child.  The more you work on an area of difficulty the easier it will become for your child.  We are finding this out to be SO true.  These were challenging studies to go through, but not so hard she gave up.  She loved seeing how this book related back to Scripture through out the study.  It has given her a nice little bible journal to go along with the study.
My fellow crew mates also reviewed various titles from Progeny Press.  Go on over to the Homeschool Crew's website to read the reviews.  You can also click on the banner below to visit as well.

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