Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to my first born!

Happy Birthday to my first born Katrina!  It was 19 years ago today God chose me as her mother.  Her delivery was nothing short of normal.  I was in hard labor for about 24 hours.  Which ended with a C-section.  She came out just a screaming!  Ready to hit the ground running.  She has not stopped since.

She is not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks.  Sometimes this is a good thing.  Other times...well lets just leave it at that. Haha.

She loves to be the center of attention.  Music is a big part of her life.  She has enjoyed it from a very early age.  Her smile just brightens my day.

She has sang in church since she could walk.  I think the first time was at the age of three.

She has a heart of gold.  There is nothing she would not do for you.  Her smile lights up a room.  Her smile makes my day.  She loves to laugh and giggle. 

She has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.  I find it hard to believe she is 19 years old.  She will be graduating from high school this June.  I am looking forward to what the Lord has next for her.  My prayer for her is to wait on the Lord's timing.  Nothing good will come from trying to run ahead of God.  I love you Katrina!! I hope you had a very Happy Birthday!!

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Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to Katrina. I can't believe she's turning 19 years old, wow.

Hope the Lord blesses her immensely in whichever path she chooses to lead :)