Monday, March 25, 2013

Foster Care Journey

We have made it to the approval stage!!  Our caseworker called on Thursday telling us we have been approved!!  WOOHOO!  Now the next step is for us to sign what is called "the boarding home agreement".  This is our contract with the county saying that we will be a foster home for children in foster care. 

Now that we are in the final stretch we still have a lot to finish up.  I'm such a procrastinator!  We have finished putting the bunk beds together.  Now I have to paint our infant/toddler room.  We are SO blessed to have 5 bedrooms in our home.  The older children will share a room with my son or daughter.  We will be purchasing a crib once I get the room painted.  The crib we picked out is a nice one!  It's a crib, toddler bed and even a full bed in one. 
The color of the infant/toddler room will be a sea foam green color.  Once I finish up this post I will begin the painting process.  ICK! Not one of my favorite tasks.

We have also replaced our dining room set with a larger one!  We are prepared with seating for dinner time!  Hopefully the next time I chat about foster care I will be sharing with you what we have as far as placements. 


Sandra said...

So happy for you Jen. I know this is something that's been in yours and Matt's heart for a while.

Can't wait to hear more as you embark on this new journey.

Conny said...

how very very exciting!!!!
btw, my daughter Miriam has the SAME crib/bed ... except we got it used and aren't sure how to get it to be a toddler bed (piece may be missing??) ... anyway - sounds like you are READY!!!! :)


Michele said...

Congratulations! Enjoy the journey!
Happy Easter!