Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Sampler~Day 3

Coming back from their walk.  Hannah is really tired after this week.  She has spent a lot of time sleeping after getting home.
This is Hannah's instructor Mr.W.  He usually teaches boys during summer sampler...I wonder if he will teach girls again after this week?  HAHA.  He is a teacher in "real" life. 
I just love this picture.  The items on the floor right in front of the hearth are called reflector ovens.  This is where the girls baked their cookies.  Today they made Chicken n Dumplings and snickerdoodles.  My husband's favorites!! 
Cleaning dishes.  Tonight Hannah came out and helped me clean the kitchen.  It was really nice having her out there with me.  We chatted, talked and laughed.  Which is what she really needed.  She had kind of a rough day today. 
Tomorrow they are making potatoes, bacon and something else (Hannah's words LOL).

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