Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Sampler Day 3~Wilderness Battle

Well today was Day 3 of Andrew's School of the Soldier at the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  I was happy the museum was open today.  I could go in and stalk follow Andrew all day with my camera.  Oh he's loves it! LOL!

Drill time!  You know what I love best about this camp?  Not only are they living history, they are having fun at the same time.  What child actually enjoys learning history just from books? 

The children are put through drills just like back in the Civil War.  The young men who are the officers really do a great job teaching these boys (and a girl).
Here are the officers.  The man in the blue shirt is the general.  I guess he was playing two roles today.  He was also passing out the mail.
Getting ready to get their letters from home.  The girls are in another Summer Sampler class that focuses on what the women/families were doing at home during the Civil War.

Andrew writing his letter home to his wife....wait WHAT?! Why is the mom always the last to know.

School of the Soldier is not all about the battles...although thats what most of them look forward to.  They are learning that a soldier did have down time as well.  There was barn dances, games to play and just plain relaxation. 
Marching to the next battle.  They had a battle in the wilderness...but I was not about to run through the woods to see them.  (smile)

Marching, marching..I told you this was so realistic.  It really give the kids a glimpse into soldier life during the civil war.

Ready for battle!! 


CHARGE!!  Oh no Andrew is going down!

Down he goes!!  What's a mom to do?!

Job well done boys!! (and girl)

Marching back to "camp".  This was a great day for them.  They march back to the nature center and are given their orders from the General.  Tomorrow is cooking day.  They will learn how to cook over an open fire.  They will be sampling foods from the Union and the Confederate camps.

If your child ever has the opportunity to attend these, you MUST sign them up next year.  It is really worth the money.  It is my experience that children learn best by doing.  There are a number of classes your children can choose from, cooking over the open hearth, Life of Tom Sawyer, Farmer Boy, Civilian Life, Weaving I, Confections (cooking sweets), just to name a few.  In September there is even a whole week just for homeschoolers.

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