Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zane Education~TOS Review

Zane Education has the largest library of fully online educational videos.  There are over 1500 videos available for grades K-12.  The video library has over 400 topics, lesson plans and quizzes. 

The subjects covered are math, language arts, biology, art, health, geography, religion, history, music, science, literature and library skills.

The cost for subscription varies depending on the level you would like.

Basic Membership~Free
This gives you:
Demo versions of the K12 videos.
Non-subtitled math videos for K12
All 260 Quizzes for K12
K12 Educational Resources

Gold Membership~$17.99 per month or $197.89 / year
This gives you:
ALL Videos
ALL Non-Subtitled Math videos
Video Study Tools
ALL Quizzes
Video Catalog (downloadable)
Christian Home Learning Guide (Downloadable)
ALL K12 Educational Resources
24-hour Tech Support

Silver Membership~$12.99 / month or $142.89 / year
This gives you:
ONE Grade Level worth of
ALL Videos
ALL Non-Subtitled math Videos
Video Study Tools
260 Quizzes
ALL Resources
24-hour Tech support

Bronze Membership~$8.99 / month or $98.89 / year
This give you:
Everything above for ONE subject only.

Zane Education can be contacted via their website.

Have you ever wanted a curriculum that covered all of your children?  How about a curriculum that covers not only that but ALL learning levels?!

That is what Zane Education will and can do for you.  I've mentioned before that our two oldest children have learning disabilities.  They learn best in a quiet controlled environment. 

Zane Education is great for the student who learns at their own pace as well.  It is very laid back, no rigid schedule to follow!  Although you can download the lesson plans, they are very easily adjusted to your family.  We loved this curriculum.

Our kids were able to go to a quiet place and do their assignment.  There are not a lot of bells and whistles that go along with this.  That is great when you have students that learn best with simplicity. 

When you register, there is no waiting once payment is received by Zane.  You can sign in and let the learning begin. 

The videos are wonderfully done.  Throughout this review period the kids were constantly asking for "video school".  During the videos you will see highlighted words, those are the vocabulary words.  I had them write them down in their notebooks.  They would then use the dictionary to look up the meaning.

This is WELL worth the money in my honest opinion!  We are praying about signing up with them.  We just do not have the funds right now.  I like curriculum that is all done for me....lesson plans and all.

Like always, don't just take my word for it.  Click on the banner to see what my other Crew mates are saying!!

Disclaimer~As a member of the TOS Review Crew we were given access to their website free in exchange for our honest review.

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