Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mr. Pipes and The British Hymn Makers

Popular author, Douglas Bond, has written 20 books geared toward both adults and children.  The series Mr. Pipes is a children's series for those in grades 7th through 10th grade.  This series introduces children to the background of the hymns we still sing today.  These stories cover church history, biographies of hymn writers.  Annie and Drew are two American children visiting their mother, who is working in England one summer.  The children meet, David McCallum, better known to the children as Mr.Pipes.  He gives them a summer to remember by taking them on a journey.
One of our favorite things to do as a family is learn the history of hymns.  We enjoy learning about where the writers were in their lives when they wrote the hymns.  This book was very enjoyable for all of us.  Sometimes when we read through the history of anything the kids tend to get a little bored.  But when a story has children around the same age the kids can relate to them.  This book is very well written.  It is easy for every type of learning style to understand. 
Some of the writers we read about were:
Thomas Ken
Isaac Watts
Charles Wesley
Also included in this study was a chapter on Scottish Hymn writers.  This is something that was near and dear to me, because my Grandfather was Scottish.  He loved hymns from all over.  He was always whistling hymns. 
The hymns are so profound.  I urge you to stop and just read the words.  Take the time to ponder what the writer is saying.  We will never just sing a hymn!  We will forever be reading the words to the hymns.
These books are quickly becoming a fast favorite of our family.  The books in this series from
All of the books listed above can be purchased at the Christian Liberty Press website.  The cost is $8.79 for e-book and $9.89 for print.
You can also purchase the whole set for $38.99.
We are going to purchase the whole set when the budget allows.  These books will be a favorite of your family, I promise you that!!
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 Disclaimer~As a member of TOS Crew we were sent an PDF copy of this book free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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