Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Sampler~Day 5~Last Day

Today was the last day of Hannah's Beginning Cooking class.  She has had such a great time.  I must say this again....IF you live in the Rochester, NY area you really MUST sign your children up for one of the many classes the Genesee Country Museum offers in the summer for kids.  Yes they do cost a bit of money, but it is so much cheaper than sleep a way camp and they are learning history!  In my book it is better than any camp we have ever sent our kids to.
The girls showed off the goodies they made this week.  On the plate closest to you in the picture is sugar cookies.  Next we have 1234 Cake and last is Gingerbread!  YUM!  These were so tasty.  Yes we were able to sample the items they made throughout the week.
On the stand we have Maids of Honor.  These are made with pie crust and usually a jelly filling.  These went very fast.  But were very delicious.
Hannah's teacher Mr.W.  He has worked at the museum for about 16 years.  Funny I've never seen him before.
Waiting for the "party" to start.  The group of girls Hannah was in was so chatty that Hannah had trouble getting a word in. 
There's the smile on Hannah's face.  She is still talking about this week.  Mostly the dress she wore.  We are thinking about getting her one for Christmas.
We hope you had a lot of fun reading about her week.  Next year we want to sign her up for the Homeschool week.  I think she will enjoy that!!

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