Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Sampler Day 2~The Battle that Wasn't

Day 2 of Summer Sampler~School of the Soldier~ did not happen for Andrew.  Yesterday the heat really got to him.  He spent the night here really sick.  He had a headache and upset stomach.  So there was no battles for him today.  He asked to stay home today. 

He drank water there, but I'm not sure it was enough.  It really gave Andrew a first hand experience of what the soldiers in the Civil War went through.  It brought up a lot of discussions about what the soldiers really went through.  They didn't have houses with A/C in  them.  They were on their own.

The soldiers did not have access to the things we have today.  Especially when things like heat got to them.  It made Andrew ask a lot of questions.  The main on was, I wonder how many died because of weather related things, like heat, storms, cold ect. 

Andrew is doing much better at the time of this blog post.  He is busy working on his artwork.  It was scary for me as his Mom.  It only made me think about how all those Mom's must of felt during the years of the Civil War.  They had no communication with their son's for a long time.  They didn't know where they were at all, or if they were even alive.

Come back tomorrow and I will have another School of the Soldier post.

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