Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Apologia: Who is My Neighbor~TOS Review

Apologia has teamed up with Summit Ministries to create the "What we Believe" series to help us teach our children to defend what we believe in our Christian Faith.  As a part of TOS Homeschool Review Crew we got the third book in the series, "Who Is My Neighbor?"

This book focuses on teaching us to be the salt and light of the world.  I say us because it is just as beneficial to adults as it is the children.  I got just as much out of this study as our children did.

Each of the lessons are designed to teach us the servant attitude based on biblical truths.  Some of those truths are:
We need to be a blessing to the world
God will work through us
We can make a difference no matter where we are
The church is God's family
The church is one in Christ.  Each have special gifts.
No matter what your age you are important to Jesus.

In addition to the book there is a notebooking journal.  Inside here you will find questions, word searches and other activities to help further your study of this book.  I highly suggest one for each child that is of writing age.

For those that are younger, or just young at heart, there is a coloring book.  In this book each picture relates to the lesson you are studying.  I personally love the coloring pages.  (smile)

You do not need to have used the other books in the series, these studies can be used as a stand alone.

Who Is My Neighbor? costs:
$39.00 for the textbook
$24.00 for the notebook journal
$8.00 for the coloring book

Our thoughts:
We love this series.  I love reading the book to the children.  I also love that our children enjoy this series so much they teach each other.  Sometimes the hardest thing is getting along with our neighbors.  This book has spoken to each family member to get out into our neighborhood and meet the neighbors. 

In the section "Words You Need To Know" we used as a further study.  Each word we looked up in the Bible concordance.  So it took us longer to go through the lessons.

The stories are very well written and easy to follow for all ages.  The book comes with a lesson plan all done for you.   I like that you are able to make it your own.  Without feeling like you have to follow their plan. 

We love this series!  I highly recommend it.  It makes a great family time study.  Don't take just my word for it!  Click on the banner and see what my other crewmates are saying.

Disclaimer~As a member of TOS review crew I was sent each of the above books free in exchange for my honest review.

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