Sunday, July 15, 2012

ProfessorB~TOS Review

Are you looking for a way to help you as the teacher teach your children math??  Look no further Professor B Math is just what you've been looking for.  This is exactly the kind of help I've been looking for.  Math is one of those subjects I can honestly say I do not enjoy! 

Now remember, this is not a math game, this is an educational math website that will assist you in becoming a great math teacher. 

This program is designed for those children in grades Pre-K thru 8th grade.  You can read more about that on their FAQ's Page

There are three different levels offered with this program:

Level I: Pre-K thru Second Grade
Intro to addition and subtraction
Counting to one hundred
Lower addition and subtraction
Higher addition and subtraction
Place Value

Level II: Third Grade thru Fifth Grade
Multiplication and Division
Intro to Fractions
Addition and Subtraction of fractions

Level III: Sixth thru Eighth Grade
Multiplication and Division of fractions

The cost of the program is $20.00 per month for one level.  You can also purchase a year long subscription for $100.  You can read all the information HERE on their website.

Our thoughts:
I have to admit it took me a lot of time to really figure this program out.  I'm use to the curriculum that is all laid out for me.  But after a little while I got it down. 

This is not the kind of curriculum where you can just set your kids up and walk away.  At least it wasn't for our family.  I had to sit right there with them.  We ended up using level I for some review for our daughter who really struggles with math.  One thing I've also learned with this program is that our children learn best without all the "bells and whistles".  There is no sound with this program.

We were able to print off the lessons for extra practice.  Math is all about practice.  There is no grade barrier....our daughter needed work in certain areas so we were able to work on that.

Really the only trouble I had with the program was that there is no way to keep track (online) of where we were.  So I just kept it on a piece of paper, not a big deal...unless you loose the paper. 

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Disclaimer~As a member of TOS review crew I was given a subscription free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine or my children.

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