Thursday, April 12, 2012

Write with World (TOS Review)

Write with World is a writing curriculum designed for middle school students.  The publishers of this curriculum are also the ones who publish God's World News and WORLD Magazine.  The magazine publishers are branching out and publishing a writing curriculum.  Seems logical to me.  They have been one of the top Christian news magazines around (in my honest opinion).  The Homeschool Crew was sent the pilot program of year one for review.  You have no idea how thrilled I was.  Now a little about the curriculum.

Write with World was developed by education and media professionals for middle school students (grades 6-9).  If a student struggles with writing in high school this would be a great one to use.    Not only will the student learn writing...they will also learn critical thinking.  Students learn how to write with a purpose.

The curriculum covers the following:

Concepts of comparative and critical reading.
Writing fundamentals
Critique and Opinion

You can see the full table of contents HERE.

The Write with World website also has a sample lesson you can view.

This is a brand new writing curriculum that will ship out to customers this summer.  The cost of the curriculum is $95 for one year curriculum, or $165 when both first and second year books are purchased together.

Here is what we thought about it...

Usually when I say, "Ok it's time for writing", I am met with all kinds of groans and moans.  Our children are not usually fans of workbooks.  Frankly neither am I.  It seems so "school-like".  Not that there is anything wrong with that...just not for our family.

So when the kids saw the workbook sitting on the desk they immediately moaned and groaned.  I said, "Oh please just humor me!"  They could not stop looking at the book.  Everything was broken down into very small sections.  At the beginning of each lesson you will find a black box with materials needed.  These are usually the same with a few added things like pictures or a magazine.  Children will keep a "Writers Journal" throughout the year.  This is a great can see how the writing progressed throughout the school year. 

The curriculum is listed as being for middle school students.  But we used this with our 17 year old.
The best part of this is it is not filled with "boring" writing activities.  Each lesson is fun (directly from our 17 year old-I-do-not-like-writing-at-all daughter).  In lesson one the student is asked to describe a picture.  Get to know the subject of what you are writing about.  It was like a light bulb went off in our 17 year old-I-do-not-like-writing-at-all daughter.  She is now our 17 year old-I-do-not-mind-writing-at-all daughter.  We are going to use this fully next year.  I look forward to her becoming our blossoming writer by the end of next year!!

You can visit the crew blog to see what other's had to say about this as well.

Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Review Crew I recieved this free in exchange for my hones review.

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