Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stepping back into the 1800's

If you have been a reader for any length of time you know how much we love this place.  It's the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  When spring rolls around we are all anxious to go back.  The museum is closed during the winter months.  Today we went out to their Maple Syrup festival.  Although I have to say it felt more like June here in NY than mid March.  I did not get many picture of the Maple syrup was very busy there.  But that is a great thing for the museum...just not for my readers. 

The day started out with a wonderful pancake breakfast.
With R.E.A.L maple syrup!!

The museum's CEO.  He was there waiting on tables.  I love that about him.  He gets right in there with his employees.   How many CEO's do you know that do that?

Our not-so-littles heading into the village.  I truly love those three!!

Table set up for mid day meal.
Such a simple time.  Oh how I long for a simple life.  We are always caught up in getting things  High speed this and that.

How can you not fall in love with this place.  Just look at the beautiful homes.  I must say...if you are ever in the Western NY area you HAVE to visit here.

Making candles.  Usually this is done in the cold months.  But today they had to improvise.  It was around 70 degrees today.  So she had to put the candles into an ice bath.  Otherwise the wax was way too soft to hold.  This really makes me want to do this with the kids.  I think we just might!!  Ours will be a little different because we have many candles that have a little in the bottom of the jar.  We will just melt the wax and then dip.  Oh that makes me so excited.

Hanging to dry.  Waiting on their next dip into the wax.

Blacksmith...Andrew's favorite building.

This was just like stepping back into Laura Ingalls Wilder's book.  I would much rather come here than to Disney.  So simple and peaceful.
The ladies have gathered at the Jones farm to make some crafts.  They were sharing a meal and making things.  The woman in the picture was working on her spring bonnet.

She was making a card holder.  So cute!!
We were able to taste a homemade cough syrup.  I got the recipe that we are going to try.   I'll post it here later in the week.
The kids were able to go on a hunt for a yarn doll hidden in different locations throughout the village. 
Brooks Grove Church...this is where my husband and I were married!
She was making Maple Syrup cookies.  OH did they smell good.  Each visit to the museum makes me want to come home and bake.  Perhaps that is why hubby takes me there often. 
Making bread.  There is nothing like it...homemade bread.
Found one of the yarn dolls.  In the boot maker's shop.
We also saw how chocolate is made from bean to bar.  It was pretty neat.
Crushing the beans.  If you like the smell of chocolate then this was the place to be today.  Me not so much.  :-)
Found another one!  In the Physician's office. 

I hope you have enjoyed your journey back into the 1800's with us.  There will be many more trips back through out the summer. 


Genesee Country Village & Museum said...

Thank you, Jen, for such a lovely post about your visit to Maple Sugar Fest this weekend. Your photos are absolutely beautiful!
We look forward to reading about your future visits to the Museum.

Wall-to-wall books said...

You know as close as I am to this place - I have never been there!
I know I would love it, I love anything about the 1800's.
I loved looking at your pictures! Great blog post. It looked like so much fun.