Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progeny Press~TOS Review

Progeny Press Study Guides has over 100 guides to choose from!
Written for children in grades Kindergarten thru High School
Cost: $10.99 for the younger student thru $21.99 for the high school student.

Progeny Press study guides for literature are designed to help your student enjoy the classics.  Not only will your student learn about the story itself, but also how a book was written.  Each guide is written from a Christian Perspective.  Showing your student how to go back to the Bible in a parallel with the story they are reading.

The goal of Progeny Press is to teach children to think clearly, understand literature, rely on Scripture for truth and values.  They also want children to have FUN while doing it.

We were sent via email a download of:

Pride and Prejudice is one that we have read over and over here.  So when we were given the guide to go along with it we were thrilled!  Not only did we get to re-read one of our favorite books, not we will be diving right into it...studying it!

Each study guide has a way of transporting the reader right into the story by making you really think like the characters in the story.  I love how these did that.  We had so many wonderful discussions about how they lived and acted back in the day the story took place.

BEST of all...we enjoyed the Scripture searching we did!  We talked about pride, humility, judging others and much more.

We also were sent:

I have to admit.  I had never heard of this book until this review.  I was thrilled to get this one because our son love everything Civil War!  And I knew he would be more than happy to pick up a book and read more about it. 

This book was about the Creighton family as the war between the states approaches.  The Creightons and their neighbors in southern Illinois have friends and relatives on both sides of the war.  The younger sons look forward to the war and all the excitement that comes along with it.  But the older sons know better.  The war breaks out and all the sons head off to battle.  Sadly they find that the war has divided their family and friends.  When tragedy strikes the family nine-year old Jethro finds himself in the position of man of the house. 

This was a great book!  One that we really enjoyed reading. 

The beginning of the guide has a "Prereading Activity" page.  Here is where we talked about the civil war.  We researched the causes of the Civil War.  After each chapter section we have vocabulary words we go over.  I like how they are broken up into small groups.  That way the student is not overwhelmed with the words.  It gives them a chance to actually learn them.  The most difficult part of this study was putting the book down. 

We talked about the characters of the story.  The setting where the story took place.  We tried to make ourselves feel what the characters were feeling.  Then again as I mentioned in the Pride and Prejudice study, we also "Dig Deeper" into Scripture.  I cannot say enough about how much I love this.  If we can always point our children back to Scripture then we know they will have that great foundation to handle what they will face.

You can see a sample of the kinds of questions in the guides on their website.

You can also view their online catalog for more information.

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