Saturday, March 17, 2012

Creative Slow-Cooker Meals

I love my slow-cooker!  No matter what the season, I use it all the time.  We even have 2 now.  It's such an easy way to cook up a lot of food to freeze for later.  So when I was asked to review this book I could not say YES fast enough.

Written by Cheryl Moeller who is a mom of six children.  She used them as taste testers for these recipes.  So you can imagine if they passed the kids test they must be good!  She shows cooks everywhere how to use slow-cookers to create healthy, delicious meals your family will love.

The hardest part for me was picking recipes to uses for review purposes.  So I handed the book over to my wonderful husband and said pick two for me to make.  I anxiously awaited his choices.

Here is what we settled on:
Farmer's Market Stew (page 49)

This was SO easy to make.  I am not what you call a fussy cook.  I do not like to make recipes with a lot of steps or ingredients.  The above recipe called for ingredients you can find every day.  I like that this particular recipe is easily changed up.  You could add noodles or rice to it.  Substitute any different types of vegetables...the sky is the limit.

The next one we chose was:
Chicken Rice & Veggie Soup (page 184)

This is another winner in our house.  This is also another one you can add whatever your family likes.  These are soups you can make year round.  We love soup no matter what the season is.  I grew up eating soup.  These recipes remind me of being with my grandparents. 

This book is full of great recipes like the ones I've told you about....over 250 to be exact.   Recipes like: Loaded Baked Potatoes, Sweet & Sour Hot Broccoli Salad, Seafood Lasagna or even Tangy Peanut Soup are just a few!!

You can purchase this book through a number of online resources for around $10.00.  YUM!

***I was provided this book free from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.***

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