Friday, November 11, 2011

Molly Saves! in the Laundry Room

When I first opened this issue of Molly Saves! my first thought was "well I don't have a laundry room.  My washer and dryer are in the basement."  But as I dove into this issue I was plesantly surprised.  Just like all the other issues....don't let the "in the Laundry Room" fool you into thinking it is NOT for you!  This issue is packed full of information!

Each issue of Molly Saves! is packed full of money saving tips to fit any area of your life.  From the "This N That" calendar to "Something old to new" there is something that will interest everyone.

My daughter has really stared to love cooking.  So every month I let her go at it with the Molly menu.  We print the shopping list and away she goes.  We live close to the grocery store so she can walk.  It really makes her feel a little more independent.  She is also learning about planning meals right down to how much it will cost.  That is a life skill everyone needs.

She made the Chicken Cacciatore..but with boneless skinless chicken.  It was SO GOOD!!

The thing that I loved best in this issue and will use f.o.r.e.v.e.r is the stain removal chart.  I have printed it and placed it in a plastic sleeve next to the washer. 

For only $4.95 you get everything in this issue and so many more articles.  But wait theres more...(I've always wanted to say that) for only $3.95/month you can become a Molly Member where not only do you get the current issue of Molly Saves! but you get many more goodies during the month.  This month we got a free e-book, printable laundry sign, and many other laundry goodies!  Not only that but we got many Thanksgiving printables. 

**I was given a Molly Membership in exchange for my honest review.**

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