Saturday, July 30, 2011

School Starts Monday...

Thank you Confessions of a Daydream Believer for this fun cartoon!!

Every year toward the end of July I start getting really excited for the upcoming school year.  We usually start planning our next school year before the current one is done.  I absolutely love The Old Schoolhouse Planners.  The "hard" work is done for us, all we have to do is fill it in.  We have 2 of them, one is the main planner and we also have the special needs planner.  This one will help me develop and accomplish goals for our daughters.

This year Andrew will be going to a "Life as a Soldier" day camp at The Genesee Country Village and Museum.  He will learn all there is to learn about being a solider during the Civil War.  This will go right along with our history for this year, we are studying the Civil War in depth this year.

Along with all our "regular" courses we will also be reviewing various curriculum sent to us through the TOS Crew.  This is my second year as a reviewer with them.  Last year was our best year homeschooling.  Mainly because of the great products we reviewed.  We used many things that we would not of thought to use at all.  Also, usually by February we are all so burned out!  Reviewing different products really kept it new for us.

We will also be concentrating on writing this year in depth.  Writing has always come natural to me and unfortunately my children did not inherit this from me.  They despise it!  We are going to use a couple of things that we were sent last year, The Write Foundation and Writing Tales

Again for our geography we are picking 3 missionaries from different countries and learning about them and the country they are in.  It really bring geography home for our children.

Check back often for reviews and progress on our school year.  Prayers would be appreciated because homeschooling three teenage children is difficult...but would not trade it for the world!!

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