Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TOS Crew Review~~Eagles Wings

Eagles Wings has been providing materials to the homeschool community since 1987.  With products for math, science, history and phonics there is something for everyone.  The product we were given to review is Considering God's Creation, a hands-on science curriculum for grades 2 through 7.  Don't let the "hands on" scare you off...these are very easy hands on activities.  Notebooking is a big part of the curriculum, that is a big plus for us.  By the end of the book students will have a full notebook ready to look back on and teach others a thing or two about God's Creation!

You can visit their website HERE to view samples of this great product.  The book comes with a CD full of 23 original fun songs to go along with the lessons.

For only $29.95 you get the student text, teacher text and the CD.

This was another hit in our house.  Although we are technically done with school...but are homeschoolers ever really done??...the kids enjoyed going through these lessons.  They are already planned out for you..the teacher...that all you need to do is make a couple of copies (if you want).  In the teachers manual everything is planned for you.  Right down to the glue you would need for that day's lesson.  I love curriculum like that.  I also like that it is for a wide age group.  We have 3 different ages here.  Two have learning disabilities and require a little different way of learning.   Songs are something that just really get the kids to remember facts.  Due to the current weather conditions all over the US the kids have been singing the song "Rainbows Over You" over and over.   Each day doesn't have the same activities.  One things our children get tired of is the same thing over and over every day.  For example, Vocabulary..we have used science curriculum before that just over loads the children with vocabulary.  That might be ok for some children, certainly not ours.  This is a WINNER in our book.  We will be adding this to our list to complete in full!

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