Saturday, May 28, 2011

TOS Review~~Apologia-Read for the Heart

Apologia Educational Ministries is a name that many homeschooling families are familiar with.  They are best known for their science curriculum.  It is more than just science!

This 384-page book is full of information about how to make reading a part of your everyday life.  The first few chapters talk about how the author, Sarah Clarkson, came to have a love for reading.  The rest of the book has reviews of books that she recommends for us.  What I liked best was that each review included the author, date of publication, general age group for the book, and a short review.  She even gives us a caution should the book contain something that is not appropriate for certain readers.  I love that it's from a Christian viewpoint.  It's like having a librarian right in your own home.

I really like this book and the way it is put together.  It's nice to have a book like this in our home.  It will save you time searching for certain books.  There is nothing like curling up on the couch with pen and paper in hand searching through the lists of books.  In this day and age when computers do everything for us.

You can read a sample chapter HERE.  You can see the table of contents HERE

This book sells for $17.00 you can order that HERE.

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