Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TOS Crew Review~~GoGo Kabongo

GoGo Kabongo is an online site with Reading Games for kids.  These games not only work on reading skills but a wide variety of skills inluding but not limited to: attention, planning, comprehension, phonics, and many more.  They do this through a series of habitats with fun characters like:

Your host:

The host of laughter lake:

There are more of these colorful characters but you will have to go HERE to see them.  The more you play the more you can earn to decorate your tree house.

There is a Parent Center where you can print copies of the characters, become a fan on Facebook, and control your account.

You can get started for FREE!!  Sign up today and you will get the first 2 habitats for FREE!!  You will get Laughter Lake and Galaxy Gardens.  Then for $4.95 you can get the third habitat.


Hannah and Andrew loved this site.  Of course since Andrew was it's all about skateboarding with him!  He spent a lot of time making his very own skate park.   I can see his attention span getting longer.  He does not like to sit for any period of time.  This has helped that....and the best part was he asked to use it.

Hannah was attracted to all the colors on the screen.  I love using computer programs for her because it helps with her hand eye coordination.

Andrew was right there with her.  He liked this program that much.  But Hannah enjoyed the Critter Sizer and Going Buggy.  Not only do these help with her reading but also the comprehension.

I like the progress reports we receive via email.  The report breaks down all of the skills your child has worked on.  It gives you an individual breakdown of each of the habitats your child has worked in.  We are defiantly going to be continuing with this program!  We can see a big difference in Hannah's concentration just in the time we have been using it.  It's also a great way to give one child something to work on while you are helping another.

We did find that at certain times it took a long time for things to load.  We even had a moment when the game froze completely on us.  Other than that we had no problems with this program at all!!

***I received all three habitats free as a part of the TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.***

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