Saturday, April 9, 2011

TOS Crew Review~~Science Weekly


This is a science lesson that gives you a way to look at science at many different levels.   Within each lesson is science, reading, math and critical thinking all rolled into one.   Each issue is about a different topic.  You can look at them HERE.  With your subscription you will get 15 Science Weekly issues within the school year.  Each issue comes with 6 different levels.  Each of the issues are on a different topic.

The website has an online section with an interactive programs on a different number of topics.  Pyramids, Kites and Living in Space are just a few.  Go HERE to see the rest.

Science Weekly is $19.95 per student if you are ordering less than 20.  $4.95 per student if you are ordering more than 20. 


I liked these a lot.  The one that we got to review was on fractions.  My first thought was "What does this have to do with science?"  We quickly learned fractions are all through out science.  Since we got a number of different age groups we were able to do a bunch of different activities.  We learned about environmentalists, musical scales, painting, meteorologists.  Who knew all these had to do with fractions.  But what a great way for our children so see fractions are everywhere!  It has made them appreciate them a little more....just a little!!

If you are looking for a little different approach to science these are for you.  They are quick and easy.  Everything is right there for you.  Go on over to the TOS Crew Blog and see what my fellow crew mates are saying.

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