Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gooseberry Patch!!

Look what came in the mail!!  It's the new Gooseberry Patch of which I have a recipe in it!!  I have been waiting a long time to get this.  The recipe that is in there is one my Mother in Law use to make all the time.  It is also my husband's favorite.  Since I never had the pleasure of meeting my Mother in Law I've used her recipes as a way to get to know her.

My children were completely thrilled when they saw my name on the page.  These cookies are great!!  I'm hoping to make them this weekend.  I just need to grab a couple of ingredients from the store.  Then I plan on posting the recipe.


Blessed Beyond said...

How fun!!! Congratulations!!! And what a super special recipe to get published!! And so glad you had your mother in laws recipes as a way to get to know her. I finally got my book this week too. My recipe that is published in there is called Momma's PBJ Bars! This is a recipe my Momma made for me many times growing up, it was wonderful. Now that Momma has passed away a few months ago, it's even more special of a recipe to be published!! I will have to try your recipe soon!
Hugs and Blessings,

Renee said...

Oh, how neat ~ Congratulations!