Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TOS Crew Review~~Classical Academic Press~~Latin

Classical Academic Press specialize in creating Latin and Logical curriculum to be used in the classical style of education.  They also have Spanish, Greek and French and Bible courses. 

We were given the Mastery Bundle for review purposes which included:
Primer A Textbook~~A consumable workbook
DVD's and Chant CD~~3 DVD's that have lessons taught by the author.
History Reader~~reader about Greek and Roman history.
Activity Book~~100 pages of puzzles and fun activities

This bundle is geared towards grades 3-6.  Level A Mastery Bundle sells for $99.95.

We received our shipment late so we have not used this product to it fullness yet.  We have been using this for 2 weeks now and are LOVING IT!!  When our shipment did not arrive I contacted the Classical Academic Press about it.  They responded right away and were very helpful.  That is huge in our book...great customer service.

Our kids love the DVD lessons as well as the CD chant.  I hear the kids singing them all over the house.  Our daughter has asked to put them on her Ipod.  YEA!  We are so impressed at how easy these lessons are.  We have not had a chance to use the activity book but plan to in the upcoming week.  If you are looking for a foreign language curriculum that is easy and affordable this is the one for you.  We love it. 

On their website they even have a number of FREE Resources.  Flash card games, Thanksgiving story, Coloring pages, and charts.  They even have a suggested weekly schedule for you to follow.  I love these!!

Thank you TOS and Classical Academic Press for giving us this curriculum free in exchange for my honest review.

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