Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book Review~~Joy to the World: Advent Activities for your Family.

I really enjoyed reading through this book.  This book is 80 pages FULL of activities centered around Advent.  Although this written from a Catholic point of view, we still really enjoyed this and look forward to the many activities covered.  I've been looking for a book that informed me about the Jesse Tree.  This is something we are defiantly going to be doing this Christmas.  Not only is there activities for children but things for adults to ponder as well.

One activity we are really looking forward to is the "Good Deeds Manger".   This goes right along with what we've been trying to do with our children and catching them doing good, instead of pointing out the wrong.

At the end of the book there are three appendixes, Advent Calendar activities, Jesse Tree Scripture and symbols and Weekly Prayers for advent.

Make this upcoming Advent the most memorable. Go HERE to purchase this book.
This book was provided to me free as a part of the FIRST Wild Card Tours.

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