Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Review~~The Miracle of Mercy Land

I had a hard time getting through this book.  It was really hard for me to get into.  If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that in order for me to give a good review a book has to grab my attention from the first chapter.  This book did not do that.  BUT I did continue along.  It was not (in my opinion) very well written. It was pretty dry.   I really did not "get" the plot until more than half way through.   Then it seemed to go flat!  I felt as if I was walking down a road waiting to get somewhere never really getting there.

The main characters are somewhat interesting but I still do not feel as if I have a full image of who they really are.  The main characters find a book that allows them to change the past.  One thing this book did for me was make me more aware of the choices people make in life....mostly my own. 

This book was provided to me free for review, all the opinions are my own.

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River Jordan said...

Hi Jen,

So sorry that The Miracle of Mercy Land didn't grab you. Different stories are for different people I know. I do appreciate you taking time to read it and incorporate it on the blog tour.
All my best,
River Jordan