Monday, June 14, 2010

Review~~Molly Money Saving Digest June

This digest is filled with many ideas of how you can have a successful business working from home.  Those were great articles but what I really enjoyed the section in "Something Old, Something New".  There they show how to take everyday products and make something new with them.  We are going to try and make these items:

A very cute basket made out of plastic tops and a plastic bag. 

Turn an old sweater into a purse/bag...these would make some cute Christmas gifts.

Coasters made out of yet again a sweater, a canned chicken can, plastic tops...this one is my favorite one!!

Then a very cute and easy bird feeder also made out of recycled materials.

How great is that??  We all have these items around the house.  Instead of throwing the stuff away turn it into a neat "something". 

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