Saturday, May 15, 2010

What to wear? Day 4

I'm not sure this is one of my favorites. But it is nice for a casual outfit.  One of my biggest questions or excuses for not submitting to God's will on what to wear was how was I going to get my daily chores done.  Well yesterday I planted 50 strawberry plants, mowed the lawn, picked up brush, and weeded a couple of gardens with no trouble because of what I was wearing.

We went out to Cracker Barrel last night for supper...what a treat that was!!  We have not been able to go out for a long time.  But hubby surprised us with it.  Anyway, my daughters and I received compliments on how we looked.  That is not the reason we are changing the way we dress, but it does make the "great commission" (Matthew 28:19-20) easier for Christians to share the Gospel with others.

Have a blessed day!!


Susan said...

I really like your dresses/ skirts. They look very comfortable. Yes, there's a lot you can do in feminine apparel! My daughter helped my hubby reroof our house in a skirt/dress. Have a wonderful weekend and so good to see you on Feminine Friday!

A New Beginning 92005 said...

You are always looking beautiful sweetie! I am always loving to surprise you when I can. I knew all that work was going to take a toll on your back today, so I thought it would be nice for all of us to go out after a hard afternoon of labor. You are doing great on all the things that God has brought before you recently! I am proud of all the things you have done to accomplish these things, especially listening to what the Lord leads you to do.

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful :)