Friday, May 14, 2010

Feminine Friday

This is my first Feminine Friday!  I've finally submitted to God on my dress issue.  I've been documenting my journey over the past few days.

To see other beautiful pictures from Feminine Friday go on over to Buildeth Her House.


Valencia said...

Thank you so very much for linking up! You look sooo sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Im following from Valencia's Blog :)
You look beautiful :)

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

This is really cool! Great idea and cute outfit!
Happy Friday follow, Following you, come follow me back!

Humble wife said...

I came over from Valencia's and I am glad I did. I have enjoyed my visit a good deal, and laughed when I realized your name is me too or Jennifer or Jenny! Depends on when a person knew me what my name is...Jenny from Grade school Jennifer as an adult, and on line, I am Jen as my email named me:) penofjen!!!

Seems like we are on similar paths, and I havent read for sure but wonder are you a pastor's wife?

Well have a wonderful weekend! I hope to visit again.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening Jen, Wow we do have alot in common, Cool :)
Oh I love with Autumn starts,and the leaves start to change. Thats the best part :)
I am following as well :)

Melanie said...

Hi, Jen!
I found you over at Renee's blog,and thought I'd stop by and say 'hi'.
I enjoyed looking around, and am your newest follower!!
Have a wonderful, blessed weekend. :)

Mrs. M said...

I really like your choices. They look so comfy. Such a pretty lady.

~Mrs. M