Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Homemaker Monday

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Weather in my neck of the woods...VERY cold!! A high of 14 degrees today with more snow.

One of my simple pleasures...hearing my children laugh.

On my bedside table...Bible, 2 books I'm reviewing...these are REALLY good.

On my TV...Pride and Prejudice...BOY I love this movie! I've seen it before but with many interruptions. I'm going to read her books again. Gotta love her!!

On the menu for tonight...turkey with all the trimmings. We found this in our freezer and it needed to be cooked up. So the rest of the week will probably be some for of it as well. YEAH!

On my To Do list...finish reading the books for review, write the posts for them. Write the post for the Money Saving Digest (I've been chosen to review these wonderful digests!! Stay tuned for more info on these gems!)

New Recipe I tried...Bagel Bread. This was such a great bread. I'll post the recipe at a later date.

In the craft basket...a complete mess!! I need to organize it before I can do anything else. I'm going to be working on a scrapbook for my sister who is expecting in April!!

Looking forward to...a normal life. I love the holidays but I really enjoy getting back to a more normal, quiet and simple life.

Homemaking tip...making a menu each week will save you so many unnecessary trips to the store, thus saving you money.

Favorite Blog post...I did not read many blogs lately. But I am ready to read them again.

Favorite Photo...I have not uploaded any pictures lately. I really need to do this!!

Lesson learned this past week...I really love being a keeper at home!! It got really crazy during the holidays and I was pretty stressed about many things. But I love being home taking care of my husband and family.

On my prayer, friends and the military.

Devotionals, Scripture readings, key verses...I mentioned that I am reviewing for Molly's Money Saving Digest and the key verses this year have to do with joy. So I've been reading many verses that have to do with that. In Psalm 16:9 in says, "Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure." David found the key to joy. True joy is much more than happiness we can feel joy even during our deepest troubles. Happiness is temporary because it is based on external things, joy is lasting because it is based on God's presence within us.


Sandra said...

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite Jane Austen book AND movie, I've read it and watched it countless times. :)


shopannies said...

one of my favorite movies as well have loved it since I was a kid love all the great civil war movies