Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

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Weather in my neck of the woods: is BEAUTIFUL!! Not too hot or cold. We have had a very cool summer, but we are loving this weather. Average temps have been in the mid 70's! We have not had to use our air conditioner at all this year. Another reason to be thankful!!!
One of my simple pleasures: is going to the library and looking through all the books, or just picking up a magazine and thumbing through it.
On my bed side table: is my Bible, and scrapbooking catalogs from Close to my Heart, which I'm signing up for on Thursday to become a consultant!
On my TV: some kids show that my son is watching.
On the menu tonight: Shepherds Pie and veggies from the garden.
On my To Do list: clean the kitchen...deep clean. Go through school materials for next school year, which for us begins in 2 weeks. Finish going through all MY school stuff....yep...I'm heading back to college in September for Medical Assisting (which is a lot like a nurse but I can't administer medications).
New recipe I tried last week: I did not have time for new things last week. Last week was our VBS at church and I taught the Pre-K class.....I had over all 15 kids in my class!!
In the craft basket: skirts for the girls and I. Also, I'm making up recipe cards for our nephew and his wife to be who will be married in August.
I'm looking forward to: starting classes! I only have a few classes to take before I'm finished with my degree. I'll be a graduate next summer!! I love being home taking care of my family, but we just can not make ends meat on one income here in NYS.
Homemaking tip for the week: use your crockpot a lot in the summer. It does not heat up your kitchen like the stove and oven. It also saves money on your propane or electric.
Favorite Blog post of the week: I did not have time to read any blogs last week. I did not have time to blog myself last week either.
Favorite photo from last week: I did not have time (again) to take pictures or upload them to the computer.
Lesson learned the past few days: Listen always to what God is telling you to do. I mentioned before that I love being home taking care of my family. But God was directing me to pursue other options to help care for my family. I chose to ignore him for a while now. God always wins....isn't that great! Also, my husband and I have been called into ministry and are feeling God pull us in the direction of missions so the medical field will help out a lot.
On my prayer list: my family, my church family, missionaries and those serving our country.
Devotionals, Scripture reading, or Key verses: In the adult Bible study at church we are going through the book of Ecclesiastes. The author of the study book, says this, "Modern life often becomes so busy that we do not take time to think seriously about where we are heading. Ecclesiastes challenges us to take stock of what we are doing."
We were asked to answer these questions: How am I spending my time? What am I living for? Is my lifestyle really fulfilling to me? Why? or Why not? When I stopped and really thought about these I was convicted about many things. One being how much time I spend on the computer. I hear over and over again of people saying I just do not have time for...... Well I said that myself, and realized that my computer time was time being wasted on facebook, blogging, and surfing (I'm not giving these up but will just limit my time on it, unless it becomes a problem in the future)! Not only time but some things I was doing I needed to step back and I honoring God with my tasks on the computer??
Especially on facebook, some of the things people I know are doing on there really scares me, mafia wars (sending threats to people, kidnapping etc, all in the name of fun?), vampire quizzes etc. Oh they may be innocent enough but IF you are living your life for God is this the testimony you really want to send out to others???
It made me think of that song I use to sing when I was a child..."Oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see." Then it goes on and puts in hands/touch, ears/hear.


Renee said...

Congratulations on heading back to school! We are starting our homeschool again in two weeks as well. Lovely post. Have a great rest of the week.

Sandra said...

Great list Jen and congrats on heading back to school :)

School here starts August 10th, on my birthday LOL