Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please join us in prayer

Please join us as we pray for my brother in law, David. He is my Husband's older brother. Last June he was diagnosed with mouth cancer. They did surgery on his mouth and throat hoping to get all the cancer. The picture above is of my Husband and his brother's. There is another one but they did not come to our wedding. Dave is the one closest to the door. He is 53 years old and has a wife, Patty and 2 grown children (22 and 21). Their 22 year old son is planning his wedding in August. Picture right below is of their children. The second one is Matt dancing with Patty. Sadly we do not get together with Matt's family.

Last month they discovered another lump on his jaw and decided to start Chemotherapy to try and kill it once and for all. Well Sunday night Dave woke up in such pain they took him to the hospital. After many hours of tests they discovered that the cancer has spread to the rest of his body, including his kidney and many other areas of his body. He is not expected to live much longer.

Dave is not saved. Matt has shared the gospel with him on a few occasions but his heart is so hard he hasn't wanted to hear anything. They all grew up believing that if you are good you will be "ok" and go to heaven. Matt is going to go visit a couple more times as the Lord allows. Please pray that the Lord will give him the words to share with Dave. Also, that Dave's heart will soften to Christ. If anyone has some suggestions on how to share with him in this time please email me.


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

This is so heartbreaking. What a handsome creation of GOD. I will stand in faith with you that Matt, someone or something will cause an awakening in him and he will turn to the LORD. GOD is never late, HE'S always on's up to us to open the door to HIM. Praise GOD that HIS will be done in this and that none should perish but have everlasting life.

Blessed Beyond said...

I am praying with you, and believing that Matt or someone will lead him to the Lord! Prayers for the all the family to feel the comfort of God's arms! Hugs and Blessings,

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Jen. We'll be praying for both families and for God to ready Matt's brothers heart to hear Matt's message. We'll also pray for divine opportunities for Matt and his brother to speak. How is Matt handling this?

Heather said...

Oh Jen, I had no idea! I am so sorry to hear this. :(