Friday, March 6, 2009

Camera Fun-Color options and Shutter Speed

This week we are talking about Color options and Shutter Speed. Below are some of my samples that I took today. Our camera has 5 color settings: High, Natural, Low, Black and White and Sepia. The first picture is high color. I should of zoomed in further, their faces are too bright. But I've noticed when I set the camera to high color a lot comes out too bright. I'm going to have to figure out when I would need that.

This one below is natural color. I'm not seeing much of a difference, maybe a bit darker.

This one below is of low color, you can see the difference in their shirts. Andrew is getting really tired of posing for this. LOL! He is trying to tip his sister out of the wheelbarrow!

This picture below is black and white. I love this picture. It is such a sweet picture of Hannah and Andrew. As you can tell from the pictures I post here, our 14 yo hates to have pictures taken with her sister and brother.

This one is sepia. I love this color. We had a few pictures from our wedding in this color. It fit because we were married in a historical village museum.

Now for shutter speed. I have never played around with this feature. That is SO 35mm days. LOL! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to learn about it. So this is what the manual says about it: "Shutter priority mode is primarily used to prevent blur when your subject is
moving. To prevent camera shake, use a tripod for slow shutter speeds."
When I took a photography class in our homeschool group we learned about tripods. It is still something I would like to get. There is one called a monkey (or something like that) you can wind the "fingers" around anything to hold your camera. Ok I was way is called a gorillapod tripod. Well not way off, I was still in the same species.

It sells on for about $20, you will see it can wrap onto just about anything. It is very sturdy also. Ok enough of the commercial break!

Our camera has a huge range for shutter speeds. It goes from 1/1000 to 8.0 (which is a very slow speed! I thought the battery in my camera died when I took a picture, I turned it around like what is wrong with this camera...I got a picture of my face...LOL!! Which wasn't pretty so I deleted it)

See it is pretty dark, but clear. This one is 1/1000 (above picture)

This one is taken with the shutter speed of 1/4. Pretty blurry. I liked the range of the different speeds. So until next week, go out and have fun with your cameras.

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