Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are you kidding me????

While reading the paper the other day there was an article on weddings in our area. They said that the average amount that people pay for their weddings is $30,000!!! How can anyone justify paying that much on a wedding? Call me old fashioned but my Husband and I decided before we were married that we would keep everything simple. We would rather put the money into our home. So I decided to give everyone a break down of our wedding costs. You will see, at least we thought so, how beautiful a wedding can be done on a very small budget.

My dress: We had done some shopping for a dress but I couldn't find anything I liked or could afford. Some of the dresses were well over $500! My Husband and I were coming home from Walmart and we saw this small wedding dress store. I didn't want to stop because being a small store I thought it would be more than the big stores I'd already checked out. So I said OK we can stop but you sit in the truck! I walked in and they showed me the dresses, guess what...the first dress I saw was the one I was only $99! Right in our budget! I tried it on and it fit great. Just need to be taken in a small bit on the top.

Next was the Church. Since we were newly saved we didn't belong to a Church yet. So we had always talked about getting married in the Living History Museum near our home. This ate up most of our budget. It was $900 but we had the museum all to ourselves. For the reception we rented the fire hall in our town. That cost $100 with $50 returned upon clean up.

We paid for my daughter's dresses which was a total of $100 and my son's tux was $70. My Husband's tux was free. We had a friend of the family do the alterations for $20 for all the dresses!!

Then came the flowers. Thanks for my wonderful Sister in law we saved a ton of money in this area. We went to the local craft store and bought fake flowers. She put them all together for a very minimal amount of money. I think we paid $75 for all of them including the ones to decorate the church and the ones the girls carried. The arch was one that was used in my Aunt and Uncle's wedding. We borrowed it to use at the alter.

As for the food and cake. The food we just did simple sandwiches with chips and a baked pasta. Along with some finger foods. This all together costs about $200 which my parents paid for. It was a big hit and we didn't break our budget. The cake we made cupcakes a couple of days ahead of time we made cupcakes. Cake mixes are very inexpensive and easy to prepare. This way we could make a variety of kinds and there was something for everyone. Another reason we did cupcakes was so we didn't have to cut and serve the cake. People could just come over to the table and take one. This is only a portion of the cupcakes. There you will see the cake we were keeping for our first anniversary. We cut a cup cake to feed one another. Yes we were nice to each other!

We did have a photographer and DJ who were also friends of the family. We paid $500 for both. We received a CD with all the pictures from the wedding for us to make copies as needed of pictures.

So the grand total of our wedding was $2000 including a night in a hotel for our honeymoon. We didn't take a big trip because we really wanted to come home and be with the children. We didn't just get married, we became a family on that day as well. So as you can see it doesn't have to break the bank to have a beautiful wedding.


Sandra said...

You looked gorgeous :)

You know what I never wanted a big wedding and didn't have one either, it was just my close family, about 20 of us, we made all the food, we had the reception at my parents home.

It was perfect, it was small and just with the people that mattered to me.

I can't see spending so much money for one day.

Judy said...

Oh I loved seeing your wedding pics...what a cute family you have!
When dh and I got married 26 years ago we had a very small wedding and the total for everything was less than $400.00, we just didn't see the need to spend a ton. It was very nice, in our church and then the reception was at my parents home. We are still just not people that throw money. Thanks for sharing you ideas and pics with us!!!
God Bless you!
Thanks for wishing my dd happy birthday...she had a very nice day!!

SAHMinIL said...
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SAHMinIL said...

I hear you on the cost...I know I spent $1000 total for everything. Including my bridesmaid dresses. My bridesmaids were my sisters and my folks decided they wanted to pay for the reception. So we paid for my sisters dresses. (Seeing my sisters were still in High School). My folks spent $1000 on the reception. So our total was $2000. ($1000 we spent plus the $1000 that my folks spent) We had DJ and Photographer too. I don't understand paying more then $2000 for a wedding.

UKZoe said...

My mom made my dress. We got married in a church we attended before we moved to another town. we had the reception at my mom and dad's house. My Mom catered the party. My brother in law took the photos. I think we did pay for the flowers but they were done by a friend of my moms who cut us a deal and we didn't go fancy on them at all.
I think frugal weddings are good.

Homespun Simplicity said...

We didn't have an expensive wedding either...just a nice, simple wedding. It amazes me what people will spend on weddings. Spending a small fortune certainly doesn't make the marriage any better!


Cliff Spears said...

Obviously, you're very good at budgeting. Where's the Living History Museum? My wife wants us to get married in a museum, too. We haven't settled some things for our wedding in June this year. I haven't even decided anything I want for my wedding tie. Our friends and family are also helping us plan the whole wedding. Maybe we'll just make our own pastry, too.