Friday, November 7, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Every Friday is Show and Tell here in blog land. To see other show and tell items stop by Kelli's House blog and check them out. There are so many different and interesting items there.

Last weekend our Church had a craft day. It was so much fun. I took my 2 daughters with me and we had the time of our lives. There were a total of 6 crafts you could make and between the 3 of us we made them all. It was a great day and a great opportunity for our Church to outreach into the community. There was even a scrapbooking table set up for those to work on their books. I did not bring any of my stuff because I was doing so many of the crafts. We also had soup and sandwhiches, bagels, fruit ect. to eat. It was such a great day. I recomend this to other Churches as well. If you should have any questions on how to start please email me. I'd be happy to share the details.

This is a Christmas tree made from a Styrofoam cone, garland, with a star pick in the top. This is one that Hannah made and is so proud of. I was surprised she still wanted to go considering she was in the hospital the night before with pneumonia. She is a true craft person!!

This is a pumpkin made out of fabric. Each one of us made one of these. It was so much fun, you sew around the circle (like you would sew a yo-yo) then carefully (i stress carefully) stuff it and pull the thread to close. Lets just say there were exploding pumpkins all over the place....LOL! We finished ours the next day when we came home. My son even made one. He was pretty upset that he couldn't go to the craft day also. Maybe next year.

These are salt and pepper shakers. I'm so excited about these because I painted them myself!!! I've never painted anything except a wall and that didn't even turn out this well. Who knew I could paint. I came home loaded with paints asking my Husband what could I paint!

Jewelry making has become so big now. My daughter Katie was very excited to learn how to do this. She loved it. She ended up making 3 pairs of earrings. This is one set she made. She has now asked for more stuff for Christmas to make jewelry. I'm so happy she liked doing it. Does anyone know if you can make rings?

This is a snowman ornament. My daughter Hannah and I did this one together. She is so thrilled with it. But I won't let her touch it because it is actually a light bulb. You know what happens to those when they are dropped, especially on hard wood floors. I think these are so cute. We may make more to give as gifts.

This is my first attempt at making a wreath. I did enjoy it, although it is a bit crooked in this picture. I still have to add a bow on to the top and fill in the gaps with some more white flowers. There is a snowman for each family member. I really liked making it. I have an extra wreath I bought just in case I screwed this one up!

Have a great Show and Tell Friday!!


Happy Mama said...

Hey your wreath looks great and you didn't screw it up!!!! What a fun day...I love that they do that and I plan on implementing that very idea when we finally get a pastorate. I think it is such a great outreach tool!!! And if the church isn't crafty..I don't know if I could go there...LOL just kidding!

Angie said...

I've made those pumpkins, but yours is super cute. I love the fabric.

ceekay said...

Looks like you all had such fun. Great job on the salt and pepper shakers. I don't think mine would have looked so good!

Manuela said...

Your S&P shakers turned out so good! Sounds like a very fun event for everyone!


Mrs. Miles said...

When is your church having another craft day - LOL! I wanna come!

What a great idea and how wonderful to be able to fellowship at the same time.

Thank you for taking us along and sharing the treasures you made.

Mrs. Miles

Linda C said...

Sounds like a really fun day! And so special to do it with your daughters. Great idea for a ladies church outreach event also. Thanks for sharing:)
Linda C

Mam said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing it.

Pink Slippers said...

Everything is sooo cute. What a great idea and a fun sounding day.

Susie Homemaker said...

What a crafty day! And even more special to share it with your daughters. Fun stuff!


Scrappycook said...

Hi Jen - thanks for stopping by my blog! I spent the day today at our church's annual craft day. I was teaching one of the crafts (cards and an embellished card tin)so I was only able to make one of the other crafts offered - felted hair clips. I'll put some photos up tomorrow. I love craft days!