Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It is finished!

We have offically finished our 2007-2008 school year. I dropped off all of the required paperwork to finish out this year. I even turned in all the paperwork for next year. Yes, it is very time comsuming! But it is so great to look back on the school year and reflect and see how much progress the children have made. Each one of the children have done extremely well, even while we were under "attack" from family members. I am so proud of them for sticking with their studies and completing everything! I am really looking forward to spending the next month in relaxation! I need the vacation as much as they do.

Another thing that is finished is our sink. My husband fixed the leak this past weekend and then last night my Dad came over and we replaced all the piping underneath the sink. It was a great opportunity to clean out under the sink (a place I do not like to go!) It is great to have all new stuff under there. I am very thankful that my Husband was able to do that.

Starting perhaps this Friday I will begin to add a menu portion to my blog. I will do it on Fridays. Not only will it keep me on the menu plan but it may give some of you some ideas of your own for menus. I posted before that I let each one of the kids help with the dinner. We have a 3 x 5 card file. Each child has a section of recipes (I do not put the recipes on the card, there is a title of a cookbook and page number. I collect cookbooks!)they are interested in preparing for dinner. They go to the file and pull out their cards with the cookbook and page number on it and then we make a list and go to the store. Not only does this help them learn cooking skills, but they learn how to follow a recipe. Which surprsingly many people do not even know the basics of cooking. We also learn how to incorporate new and exciting foods into our diet. Best of all we do not hear on a daily basis any more...."EWWW I don't like that!"

We are going to our camp for the weekend! It is opening week at camp and we are looking forward to hearing a great concert and wonderful speakers. We go to a Christian Bible Camp. Not only do we get a vacation every week, we continue to grow in Christ. We are also building wonderful memories as a family. Have a great day!!

This is a picture of my iris garden. The flowers were taken from my Great-Grandmother's garden. I'm so thrilled to have them to enjoy. Right in front of them are the tulips my father-in-law mowed over for years. I post about that a while back.


Happy Mama said...

I hope you have a great weekend!

It sounds like you have been a busy bee! You guys deserve the break..Enjoy OBC!

Heart 4 My Home said...

Congrats on finishing all the school work. Enjoy your break and have a blast.