Friday, June 27, 2008

Foodie Friday

Here is the new weekly post of my blog. I'm going to try and post my weekly menu, but can not guarentee that it will be every week. But Fridays will be all about food, recipes, tips and tricks I have learned over the years in the kitchen. Most of my cooking knowledge comes from being in the kitchen with my Mom who was a cook at a resturant in town for over 20 years. My husband is always amazed that no matter what or where I can find recipes. Believe it or not I was in the sporting goods store with him and I found a section with cookbooks! So I stayed there and he went looking at the fishing stuff. LOL!

At least for the summer you will see on the menus a lot of sandwiches and salads because we go camping on the weekends I need easy meals. Here is the menu for next week June 29-July 5.

Sunday-B-French toast, sausage/bacon, oj. L-BLT's, carrot sticks. D-Hot Dogs, baked potatoes.

Monday-B-Oatmeal (made over night in the crockpot). L- Salad w/grilled chicken. D-Lasagna

Tuesday-B-Granola w/yogurt. L-Tuna boats or leftovers. D-Tacos

Wednesday-B-Eggs on muffins. L-Pasta with salad. D-Hamburgers and Salad.

Thursday-B-Oatmeal with fruit. L-Sandwiches. D-Pita Pizza Grilled.

Friday-B-Pancakes and Sausage. L-4th of July picnic at camp. D-Leftovers from picnic.

Well I was going to include recipes for a lot of these dishes, BUT the batteries died in our mouse and I can not find any more....GRRRR! Oh well I will pick up some batteries this weekend and post the recipes.


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