Sunday, March 3, 2019

Long time no speak!

Hello there blogging land!

It has been forever since my last post.  SO much has happened to us since that last post. Our family has gone through so many changes. I have gone through many changes. 

Where to start?

Earlier this year my ambulance agency closed due to money issues.  This state has made it almost impossible for EMS agencies to continue.  I am very sad to not be doing EMS any longer.  But all good things must come to an end.

I have joined my local Volunteer Fire Department, but have not had much time to dedicated to it.  Hopefully that will change now that the dust here at home has settled. We have a wonderful group of men and women who serve in the fire service here. I cannot wait to get started again.

This leads me to the biggest change that has happened to me personally.  Over the past few years I had let my health take the back burner.  I really got serious about it after having to do CPR on a friends dad.  I did not want any of my fellow first responders to have to do this to me.  I was going to do everything in my power to become healthier.  I am happy to report that I have lost 100 pounds. 

I have never felt better!  The journey is not over.  This is a daily thing i have to work on.  I have to be careful of what I put in my mouth.  I also have to workout everyday. 

More changes have come about this year for us....

In January my son moved into his own place.  He got a job on a local farm and they had housing.  He is doing very well and absolutely loves his job!  He is learning so much about farming and crops.  This is what he was born to do.  He also just last weekend bought his dream truck.  A big dodge one. 

Also, just this weekend my oldest moved into her own place!  UGH why do they have to grow up and be so darn independent??? I am so proud of Katrina.  She has worked so very hard to get where she is.  All the while there were many who kept knocking her down.  She has proved them all wrong. 

We still have one at home.  She has been struggling with her siblings moving out.  So we are trying to love on her as much as she will let us.  She has school full time so I am happy about that. 

Now that our kids are grown we struggled with finding things for them for Christmas.  So this year we decided to make memories instead of gifts.  We took a trip to NYC.  We had the best time and the weather was great.  This is a trip we will take again.  There was so many people but each of us had a good time.  Saw all kinds of sights and ate all kinds of great food.

We have been in a deep freeze here this winter.  It has been cold and snowy for the last month.  I believe the news said we have about 85 inches so far this year.  It was all pretty until I starting working full time again and have a 30 minute commute each day.  Speaking of that, I am now working full time again in the city for a real estate abstract company. Ironically, it is the same one I worked for before my sister got sick. I decided to give my old boss a call one day to see if he was hiring.  He indeed was hiring, so I went in and he hired me!  I absolutely love my job.  Next to being a wife and mom this rates at the top of my list.

I really hope I can get back to blogging more and more now that I have time to myself. 

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