Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nine Years Already!?

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss!  We were able to spend the day together since I had the day off.  My husband had to go to work, but we cherished our morning together.  So I thought I'd take you through our wedding day 9 years ago.  We were married at our favorite place this side of heaven, The Genesee Country Village and Museum

The day was gorgeous! We had temperatures in the mid to upper 60's.  We could not have asked for better weather in early November.  We felt like the day would never get there.  Looking back it all went by really fast.

We had been through so much leading up to our wedding day.  We felt like everything was against us at each turn.  We had been victims of fraud and our savings was gone.  We had talked about calling off the wedding of our dreams.  But with the help of family we were able to pick ourselves up and have the wedding we both dreamed of. 

We wanted to get married at the museum because both of his parents had worked there.  They had both passed away before our wedding day.  The museum was their place of employment prior to their passing.  So we felt getting married here would kind of like having them with us.  Besides, we both just love the museum!

I look at these pictures and see how young the kids were.  They were still babies.  Wow how far we have come since this day 9 years ago.  My husband stepped right into the role of father like an old pro.  He was defiantly a gift from God to my children and I. 

I just want to squeeze those cheeks on Hannah!  They all were excited for our wedding.  It was not only the day Matt and I became man and wife but the day we became a family.   The best day of our lives!

This little guy was so worried the whole day.  He had in his head that Matt was taking me away forever and he would never see me again.  He did not want to leave my side.  When it came time for Matt and I to leave he started to cry.  It broke my heart.  But I believe Grandpa promised him ice cream.  Haha!  All was good in his world again.  Matt and I were only going away over night.  We were never able to take a honeymoon because of finances.  We are hoping to take a trip next year for our 10 year anniversary.  Not sure where yet.

It was such an emotional day for so many reasons.  A few months before our wedding day my sister became violently ill while pregnant.  It was later determined that she had encephalitis.  A brain infection caused by the herpes virus, like the one that causes cold-sores.  For a while we didn't know if she would even survive it.  She had to undergo brain surgery to remove a portion of her brain.  All of this while pregnant.  She survived and so did the baby.  So our family really needed a happy occasion to focus on.  I was upset that she wasn't going to be able to be a brides maid in the wedding.  So as the day got closer we found out she was going to be able to attend right from the brain rehab facility.  I found a reading for her to do in the ceremony. 

I stopped to give her a rose as I was walked down the isle.  It meant so much to have her with us on this day. 

When we visit the museum we almost always stop into this church.  It has such meaning to us.  We stood before God, family and friends promising our love toward each other.  That same love has grown more each day the past 9 years.  My husband always tells me, "I love you more today than I did yesterday. But not as much as I will love you tomorrow."

My parents sang in our wedding.  I just loved that.  We had a very small and intimate wedding.  Just perfect!  As we were saying our vows to each other a ray of sunshine came through the window in the front.  It was beautiful!

I love how our photographer captured my face.  I am just as much in love with this man as I was at this very moment. 

The minister actually forgot to say, "You may now kiss the bride".  But we made sure it got done.  Haha. 

The whole wedding party.  My brother and his wife, my sister and her husband were our matron of honor and best man.  Matt's niece and nephew along with my children were also in the wedding.

My paternal Grandparents and my Great-Grandmother who has since passed away.  I got my love of all things German from her.  I would love to go visit her when we still lived on the farm.  Occasionally, she would even speak German.  I think that is one reason I love the Amish so much is because of their German roots.

My maternal Grandparents.  I just adore them!  My grandfather has since passed away and my grandmother has dementia.  I love all things Scottish because of them.  When I was looking through the pictures for this post I noticed my grandfather's tie matched my grandmother's dress and coat.  I certainly do miss my grandfather. 

Us with my parents.  They are the best parents in the world.  I could not have asked for better parents.

The colors were so vibrant on our wedding day!  The very next day we had a cold, rainy and windy day.  All of the leaves fell off of the trees.  Funny because it is like that today.

We had our reception at the local fire department.  We prepared all of the food ourselves and had cupcakes.  We had a perfect day!  One that I will remember always.  I am so blessed to walk through this life with Matt.  We were created for each other.


not my truth but his said...

Thank you for being my wife Sweets!

Sandra said...

Oh I loved this post Jen, the love you two have for each other is such a special thing.

Your kids looked so little, especially Andrew, bless his heart for thinking Matt was taking you away, poor thing :)

I wish you and Matt many many many more years together. Love you both!

Christine said...

What a beautiful post, Jen. Thank you for sharing your joy with us, and Happy Anniversary!