Friday, November 28, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had the best Thanksgiving we have had in years.  We went over to my sister and brother-in-law's house.  It was so nice to sit and visit.  The kids kept us all entertained.  The meal was so good.  Of course we had more food then was actually needed.  We had turkey, stuffing, corn, rolls, and mashed potatoes.  Of course we had a wide variety of pies.  We were all so full by the end of the day.  It really got me thinking about the Lord's blessings on our lives.  We have been blessed a thousand times over the past few months.  This Christmas is the first one in a long time we are not stressing about how we are going to afford gifts.

So now comes decorating for Christmas.  Matt got to work putting the tree together.  The kids and I got to work getting the dining room decorated.  No matter how old our children get they still have that little kid excitement when Christmas rolls around.  There was a lot of laughing and goofing around today.  I have not laughed so much in a very long time.

They were both wearing our tree skirt around.  Just cracked me up!! 

I think our of all three of our kids, Hannah just loves Christmas.  She loves everything that comes along with Christmas.  She starting singing Christmas songs around October.  Haha!!

We have so many ornaments I think we need a bigger tree.  I just love these three!!  I cherish every moment with them.  They are growing up so fast. 

With each and every ornament comes stories of where they got them or when they made them.  This is one thing I really look forward to when putting up the tree.

I caught her "hugging" the tree.  I told you she loved Christmas....and that includes the tree.  I just love her.

Andrew is still such a kid at heart.  He loves to be silly, but can just switch gears and be so serious. 

I often think back to past Christmases and the kids decorating the tree.  We would have ornaments on only the bottom half of the tree.  Now Andrew is tall enough to reach the top. 

This is the first year in a long time I have put my Christmas village up.  A lot of the pieces are those my Mom left when they moved out.  I so enjoy sitting in the dining room looking at it.

I wish I could have captured Hannah sitting on the floor looking into the windows of these houses.  She just sat there for almost an hour looking at it.

This gave me a great opportunity to play around with the camera tonight.  Notice the bokeh (pronounced BOK-eh)?  I have been wanting to play around with that for ages.  Christmas lights are the perfect opportunity. 

OH my gravy!!  Look at those wonderful circles of light!!  I told my husband I felt like jumping up and down.  Glad I didn't because I may have broken something! HAHA!

So be prepared I will be taking more of these in the near future.  So how has your weekend been going?  I keep thinking tomorrow is Sunday when actually it is Saturday! 


Sandra said...

Oh I love Christmas too and I love all your photos and the decorations and especially the Bokeh. I remember when I first got my camera, I took so many photos just to get that effect and every year, I still do it LOL I never get tired.

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving ;)

Christine said...

Love this post of joy, Jen! This is the first Christmas since before 2005 that we can actually afford to buy the kids a couple gifts each (but they share everything anyway). It feels kind of strange to not be depressed about Christmas (the commercial part). God usually provides them with something through other means, but it isn't us, which feels bad as a parent. Next year is likely to be back to lean times, so I will savor this feeling of being able to provide, and remember that the other, more humble feeling is a valuable teacher and is not all bad.

Bless you all as you serve each other and the Lord...and praise God for all the children who will receive the Christmas Child boxes your church put together!