Thursday, August 21, 2014

Easy Potatoes O'Brien

I love it when my husband cooks for us.  He doesn't cook very often but that makes it all the more special to us.  This is something he use to make for his dad often.

Easy Potatoes O'Brien

1 bag tater tots, thawed
1 onion, diced thin
2 peppers (either red or green)
1 polish kielbasa, sliced

In a large fry pan add the tater tots.  Crush them up as they cook.  Add the onion and peppers.  Cook until they are tender.  Then add the kielbasa and cook until it is heated through.  Let the tater tots get a nice brown on them.

 This is SO good!!  The tater tots give it so much flavor.  Not only that but it is so easy.  I am linking up with my friend Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for Cooking Thursday. 


Sandra said...

Love it, we make something very similar just that I use a bag of actual Potatoes O' Brien and then just season it up a little. We also sometimes use Corned Beef instead of the kielbasa. My family loves it.

Thank you for sharing Jen, and hope you have a good day at work :)

Farmlife Chick said...

Oh yum! Easy and delicious!

Felicias Red Door Life said...

This looks amazing. My husband loves anything to do with sausage and potatoes (in any form). I'm going to have add this to the menu in a few weeks.