Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clothes Drying Rack

One thing I really miss about our old home is the clothes line.  We have one here but it is covered by the trees and not really practical. 

So in March we purchased a drying rack.  I had seen these popping up all over.  I know they are used by the Amish in the winter.  So we searched the internet for a good one.  One that was well constructed and would hold up to many years of use.  We found one at Homestead Drying Racks.  These are handmade and very durable.  We also needed something that wasn't going to take us months to put together.

It was shipped very quickly after we ordered it.  I counted the days until it arrived.  It arrived within a few days.  It was shipped in a very long box. Complete with instructions. 

So my husband and son got to work on putting it together.

It really didn't take them very long.  About an hour or two at the most.  There were some issues we had with the instructions.  It didn't seem the steps were numbered very well.  It was all pictures.  But they got it together with no problems.

Once it was all put together we noticed some of the dowel sticking out on the ends.  Oops.  I actually like it this way.  I can hang some towels on the ends.  It works very well!!

I just love love love this!  It fits nicely in our back room and on our deck outside.  It is fairly lightweight so I can move it around if needed. 

This rack is their largest one.  They sell three different sizes.  Hannah loves to help me hang the laundry out.

So if you live in an area where you cannot have a clothes line these are a wonderful alternative to that! 

There is nothing sweeter than clothes drying in a light breeze.  Have you ever used one of these?


Sandra said...

Love it Jen. I know about these, I had my eye on them for a while back in Arizona when we didn't have a clothesline.

There really is nothing sweeter than hanging clothes out to dry :)

Oh btw, I tagged you in something on my blog, please don't feel that you have to play along, it's just for fun :)

Mary said...

I love this drying rack! Here I just mentioned my drying rack, which is large enough to hold a quilt, but it's not as sturdy as yours... mine looks flimsy in comparison. I would dearly love to have one like this.

Kristina said...

I have a large one too. My mother brought it home from Amish country one year. I have about 3 smaller ones too. Even though we do have a clothesline, I use them on rainy days for when I have more to wash than normal. I even bought one for daughter when she moved out.

Brian E. Boyer said...

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