Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He is living out his dream!

Ever since my son was very young he has dreamed about being in the fire department.  I think he was around 3 years old the first time he started talking about it.  He would read every book on the subject of fire fighting.  I believe he has read everything in our library on the subject.  He even did his science project this year on the nature of fire.  In October he was FINALLY able to join our local fire department's Explorers.  He had counted down the days.  He would ride up to the fire department and chat with the members. 

He has been a member for 7 months now.  He has learned so much in this short time.  We are very blessed with an amazing department.  The explorers are treated like one of the guys.  They go right along side of the fire fighters.  They are not just treated as janitors or "kids in the way" that I have seen in so many departments.  As horrible as this sounds...he cannot wait for the pager to go off.  I remember those days very well.  I remember not wanting to leave our town because we might just get a call. 

This past Memorial Day he marched in his first parade.  Goodness he looks so grown up!  Oh and the beautiful girl in the picture is in fact my "little" boy's girl friend.  They have SO much in common.  She is such a nice girl, we really like her.

Here are a few of our local fire department members.  They really are a great bunch of folks!  Some of them I had the pleasure of serving with.  I really do miss it.  But since my back injury I am not able to do it anymore.  But I am here to support and pray for each of them.

Here are a few of our trucks.  This is Andrew's favorite truck.  Pretty impressive I must say. 

This is the rescue truck.  This the one they take to all car accidents. 

I cannot leave out another really important part of our community.  Our ambulance service. 

Last night we were invited to the fire department to see what the explorers have learned so far.  We got a nice tour of the fire hall.

This was the Explorer leader giving us brief instructions on what we should do if the alarm went off while we were there.

The explorers then gave us a tour and explained what each of the trucks were used for. 

One of Andrew's favorite tasks is washing the trucks.  Look at that shine.

Here Andrew is explaining some of the tools found on the truck.  He did an amazing job.  We heard from a few of the fire fighters that he has natural ability when it comes to fire fighting.  They are impressed at how much he knows.  He eats, breaths and talks fire all day everyday!

Next the explorers treated us to a gear race.  This is something they work on often.

Bunkers on almost.

Coat on! I was amazed at how fast these kids were.  I know from experience it is not easy getting that gear on.

That's my boy!!  Ready to go.  Except his coat was not zipped up.  After the gear race we headed outside to see a demonstration of their hydrant and hose skills.

The kids came in on the trucks.  The kids train just like the firemen and women do.  Like I said before, "right along side."  These kids are the future of the department. 

Andrew is putting up the spot lights so they could see what they were doing. 

Waiting to spray the hose.  I think Andrew was tired of me taking his picture every time he turned around.  Haha

I don't think most people realize how much pressure is in those hoses.  Here the advisor is showing the kids how to properly spray the hose and support your fellow fire fighter.  Andrew is on the nozzle. 

Here is Andrew helping his friend out on the hose. 

Andrew showing us his hydrant skills.  I have to say I am one proud Mommy!  He really does know his stuff!!

Hooking up the 5 inch hose to the hydrant.  Those are not light. 

Opening the valve to supply the truck with the water from the hydrant.  They are learning valuable skills in this program!  Not only learning how to safely being a fire fighter, but also serving their community. 

I love the face he is making.  See what I mean...every time he turned around I was there in his face snapping pictures.  Haha

Oh be still my heart.  If you want to get your child into community service you should contact your local fire department.  Most of them have explorer programs.  They are sometimes know also as Jr. Fire Fighters.  It has done wonders for Andrew!!  He has matured so much in the past 7 months. 


Jennifer said...

I enjoyed your post. I'm a mom of a former fire explorer. He went on to become a firefighter by completing Fire I and II. Good for your son. I hope he continues to enjoy it. You are so right, it's a wonderful way to give back and serve the community.

Diane Shiffer said...

Oh, I loved this post! My son Noah is very active in the Boy Scouts and also participates in an Explorer group with the local ambulance corps. SO thankful for such wonderful opportunities :-)