Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Saturday

Most of the time when we have a weekend that is go go go I really do not care for them.  But this weekend was full of fun activities. 

My parent's church has a ladies luncheon every year.  The past few years I haven't been able to attend.  This year we went as well as my Pastor's wife and her daughters and mother.  It was such a blessing to be there again.

The theme was cupcakes as you can see from the table setting.  I love the fabric with the cupcakes on it.  I think it would make an adorable apron or kitchen curtains.  OR even a little girls room as a curtain or quilt. 

We were able to decorate our own cupcakes for dessert.  It was so much fun.  There is nothing like decorating a cupcake.  It's a time to let your creative juices flow.

Here is one of the kid's creations.  I shared my cupcake with my sister who was able to attend.  It was nice chatting with her.

My mom was the master "cupcake".  She always does such a good job with this. 

Saturday evening we were happy to attend our local fire department's awards banquet.  I have mentioned before that our son is finally old enough to join the explorers. 

He has talked about being in the fire department since he could talk.  He has read every book in the library about fire and fire fighting.  He did his science project on the science of fire this semester in school. 

It was so nice to chat with many of the people I served with in the fire department.  It was like a big reunion for me.  I am so proud of my son for having a dream and going after it.  Not only is he fulfilling a dream of his, he is serving our community.

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Farmlife Chick said...

The cupcake theme looks adorable! What a great idea!...I am so proud of Andrew too! He is quite the young man.:) Looks like you had a very blessed weekend.:)