Monday, October 21, 2013

Our last visit to The Genesee Country Village and Museum (For the Season)

Last weekend my husband and I spent the day at the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  We love going to the museum often.  But our favorite time is during the fall season.  The crunch of the fallen leaves under our feet, the crisp autumn air, wood fire smell in the air, warm woodstoves in the house.   We would much rather visit here than Disney...sorry for all you Disney fans out there.  We just enjoy simplicity more than the busy, fast-paced Disney atmosphere.

We stayed here from opening until almost closing.  Taking in everything we could.  The kitchens were in full swing preparing goodies.  In the Jones Farm kitchen the farmer's wife was busy making the noon meal.  She was preparing a dish made of onions, potatoes, apples and bacon.  It smelled SO good.  I'm going to have to make it soon.

It is this kind of meal we really enjoy here at home.  Someday I would love to take a cooking class here at the museum.  That would be the best present someone could get me.  {hint hint}

Through out the season the cooks at the Jones Farm make cheese.  I have had the pleasure of sampling this cheese years ago.  When it is completely dry it is as hard as parmesan cheese.  It tastes like sharp cheddar.  It is wonderful in macaroni and cheese.  The cook told us that in the 1800's they did indeed eat macaroni and cheese.  Their pasta was a very long tube like pasta. 

Next we headed over to visit the weaver.  The loom was so interesting to look at.  The weaver was great at explaining his trade.  It takes the head weaver 14 days to prepare the loom for weaving.  Here is why...

After spending time watching the weaver work I will never take for granted our materials we use.  We really take for granted the work that went into making things long ago.  All of our modern conveniences just make us blind to great craftsmanship. 

The loom is set up to make shawl material for the interpreters in the Shaker House.  Another think I love about the museum is they make a lot of their own material.  It truly is like stepping back in time. 

These are some of the blankets, rugs, and cloth made by the weavers.  So beautiful.  I love the red and white one.  It was so soft to the touch.  Perfect for the cold NY winters we have.

Here some wool is being spun.  She makes it look so easy.  I know there is a lot of skill needed to be able to do this.  She was telling me about the classes she teaches for spinning.  So many classes available here.  There is something for everyone.  If our economy continues to decline we may have to revert back to these things to survive. 

As we strolled along the road we came upon a farmer plowing the field with the oxen.  There were very few people at the museum during our visit.  Which made it all the more relaxing for us.  This picture was taken from a bench we were able to sit on.  Just resting and watching all the activities. 

The colors throughout the museum were just beautiful.  Deep reds, gold and even some purple. 

Can you see why we love visiting here?  The next time we visit there will be snow on the ground (hopefully) for the Yuletide tour.

Through the trees you can see the church that my husband and I were married in.  The colors were just as bright that day.

Interpreters just walking around the village really add to the atmosphere.  I hope you enjoyed this little virtual visit to the museum with me.  I will do another post with the rest of the pictures.  Housework awaits for me to finish.  Have a blessed day!

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LOVE these pictures! What a beautiful day!