Friday, July 5, 2013

Institute for Excellence in Writing {Teaching the Classics}

One thing I have really enjoyed about being on The TOS Review Crew is that we review all kinds of things.  Most of them are strictly for the student.  But sometimes a product comes along that will help me (the teacher).

When you ask most homeschoolers about Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW as many know it) you will most likely hear great things.  This company has been a great tool that homeschoolers use a lot of. 

IEW was founded by Andrew Pudewa.  Another name that many homeschoolers have grown to love.  We were blessed to have heard him in person at our local homeschool convention.  As a matter of fact it was our very first convention we attended. 

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We were sent Teaching the Classics to review.  This product is created by Institute for Excellence in Writing.  It sells for $89. 

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I really wish I had this little golden nugget years ago.  I have always loved the classics, but teaching them was somewhat of a challenge for me.  I was able to pop the DVD into the player and listen.  The first time I started it I knew it was going to be a blessing for this upcoming year.  The "lecture notes" as I call them were great.  It really helped me grasp what was being taught to me. 

The lecturer, Adam Andrews, used short stories to teach how to characters, plots and the themes of the short stories he was discussing.   I honestly believe that this will indeed be a blessing to me for years to come.  I will not only be able to teach the classics now to my children but it will help me study and teach scripture as well.

The seminar is recorded onto 4 DVD's.  I found myself putting the DVD into my computer and going about my business.  I listened to it while I did my daily tasks.  I often found myself going to the computer and rewinding it so I could hear something again.  I filled in the workbook when I had a chance.  It was usually after the kids had gone to bed and I was waiting on hubby to get home from work.  It was a great time for me to reflect on what I had learned. 

The seminar is broken up into 6 different sessions:

Preparing for Literary Analysis (about an hour and a half)
Plot and Conflict (almost an hour)
Setting (hour and a half)
Character (about 45 minutes)
Theme (almost an hour and a half)
Practicum, Scope and Sequence (almost an hour)

These lectures would be suitable for teachers of all abilities.  I have no formal training as a teacher.  Everything I've learned has been on my own.  I highly suggest this to anyone interested in teaching the classics.  Even if you have no interest in teaching the classics you will still get a lot out of this seminar!

If you would like to see a little clip of the seminar you can view it HERE.

My fellow crew mates reviewed other products from IEW.  You can click on the banner below to see what they reviewed.

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Adoption Gift Of Love said...

I think that this will be on our homeschool shopping list in the days to come. I have fallen in love with IEW, but the cost had always held me back. Now that I got to try the products out I am SOLD! Thanks for sharing this review, we were asked to review the Student Writing Intensive Level A. LOVING IT!!

Kara said...

We're absolutely loving this!! It's perfect to use with my high schooler this year, and I'm using it to structure my own literature program for my junior high and elementary students too.