Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Classical Conversations~Sentences {TOS Crew Review}

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Classical Conversations is another one of those companies I wish I had known about years ago!  Classical Conversations was started in 1997 as a way for parents to provide a home-education.  It was started with only a hand full of students.  It has now grown to over 30,000 students.  We are blessed as members of Schoolhouse Review Crew to be able to review products from Classical Conversations. 

We received PreScripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons: Medieval to Modern World History to review.  There is so much learning all bound into 144 pages.  You have handwriting, art and world history all rolled into one!

Don't you just love the cover of this book?  Something about it just screams, "open me and learn all I have to show you!!"  This book is designed for those children ages 7-12 years of age.  We used this with our 16 year old daughter who has some delays.  Cursive writing is something she really needs a lot of work on.  We have had trouble finding something that held her attention long enough.  Since she loves everything old or old fashioned this was perfect.  Once she looked at the cover she said, "It looks like something Laura Ingalls would have used." 

One thing that really helped our daughter was the arrows on the page showing her the correct direction.  I told her "pretend" we are on a road traveling.  This really helped her out.  Handwriting is becoming somewhat obsolete.  With all the modern day texting and emailing no one writes things anymore.  That is sad and heartbreaking.   My grandfather always said that your handwriting is the only thing you can leave behind when you graduate to glory. 
Once she progressed through the alphabet she was able to write her sentences.  It did take her some time to learn the correct formation of the letters.  She was able to trace the letters in the sentence before writing them below on the blank lines.  As she progressed through the sentences we started discussing things like the medieval period and emperors of Europe.  I was amazed at the conversations that transpired because of it.  This has also become her history notebook. 

Next came the art study.  This is something my daughter does not like typically.  She really gets lost in all the large words describing the art.  But with this there are only a few short paragraphs describing the picture.  After learning a little about it she was able to try her hand at drawing the picture.  She kept asking me if she could just color the picture.  So to begin with we traced the lines.  In further lessons she did attempt to draw the picture on her own.  She begged me not to include that in this post.  So I'm being a good mommy and not including that in this post. 

I honestly can say we have found something we will be using for the rest of her school years.  The cost is just $12.99!!   You really must go on over and check this out! 

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